Marina Level

The main floor portrays boats docked in a marina with a roof of billowing sails. The booths are sport fishing boats outfitted with leather seats, real fishing gear and tournament flags. No detail is spared to create the marina atmosphere.

Aerial view of the Euphoria deck - Wooden floor with tables and chairs, high ceilings

Euphoria Deck

Permanently docked in the “marina” on the main floor, the Euphoria Deck is a perfect semi private area for a smaller group to set sail on a fantasy voyage.

Group handing under red and green string lights, drinks in hand and leis around their necks


Celebrating the Pan Am Clipper Sea Plane, this sets the stage for a vintage journey to paradise. Booths designed like the fuselage of these famous planes give this room an adventurous flair. This area includes an outdoor patio that overlooks the Las Vegas Skyline.

Oudoors view of Landshark Lookout. Yellow building accents with aqua dining tables and chairs

Landshark Lookout

This semi private space is a tribute to a colorful character who hooked up his blender and boom box to two car batteries so he could enjoy his frozen concoctions and listen to Jimmy’s music till the juice ran out. Fortunately we don’t have to worry about “running out of juice” so groups can enjoy semi-private dining and views of the Las Vegas Strip from the vantage point of two different bars.